Using Tervene to Accelerate Continuous Improvement at Manac

Founded in 1966, Manac is a leader in the manufacture of specialized semi-trailers. Its product range includes fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), steel and aluminum vans. The company has its head office in Boucherville, Quebec and two factories located in Saint-Georges and Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

Manac’s management focuses on five pillars of performance: safety, quality, delivery, inventory and productivity. This approach allows the company to reduce production costs while increasing efficiency.

The company has also built its own training department to develop employees and help them grow into the next step in their career. This training covers topics like sales, human resources, business development and production.

Employees are encouraged to contribute to Manac’s growth by submitting ideas and feedback on the company’s processes and products. This feedback is taken into account during the design of new products and in strategic projects.

Tervene helps Manac accelerate problem-solving by breaking silos between frontline managers and other departments. Its digital platform enables Manac’s supervisors to structure daily meetings with their teams, including Gemba Walks and audits. These meetings focus on identifying issues that can hinder Manac’s five pillars of performance and solving them.

To facilitate this, Manac’s coordinators use Tervene to keep track of problems and corrective actions, allowing them to quickly share them with the right department owner and accelerating Manac’s Continuous Improvement initiatives.

A scalable solution that supports shift handovers between day, evening and weekend teams, Tervene streamlines communication between supervisors. The mobile app facilitates the sharing of agendas, the escalation of problems to management and the transfer of information between managers in each department.

Manac’s leadership aims to ensure that every team member is motivated and able to do their best work by making sure that they have access to the tools and information they need. This has led to an emphasis on personal development and a focus on teamwork.

As part of the company’s efforts to increase its financial transparency, manac trailers was looking for a financial consolidation tool that would make it possible to easily construct preset reports and automate the process. Createch experts accompanied the company in its first implementation of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, a financial planning software solution.

The system’s automation and reliability, in addition to its ease of use, enabled the team to carry out tasks quickly and efficiently. The solution also facilitated the creation of reports, which helped Manac’s senior management better understand its financial situation and plan for the future.

Moreover, the solution allowed Manac’s supervisors to perform their daily duties in a structured way, enabling them to support their teams on the factory floor. This helped them avoid the need to rely on emails and telephone calls, which are time-consuming and inefficient.

Using the dashboards offered by the solution, the supervisors can easily see how they are performing and whether their work is on track with their team’s goals. They can also view the progress of their projects, which gives them the confidence they need to move forward with their objectives.