Morehead City is a seaport town in eastern North Carolina

Morehead City is a seaport town in eastern North Carolina, home to an active commercial fishing industry. It also is a major tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world to enjoy its white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and abundant seafood. There are a number of local tattoo and piercing shops that provide high-quality work at an affordable rate. These businesses are not regulated by state or county ordinances. However, individual municipalities or townships may have restrictions on tattoo and piercing businesses.

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In the early days of Morehead City piercings, the little band of christians met for worship in the old public school house. Whenever a preacher came to town, all the christians would come to church.

The town of Morehead City was laid out by The Shepard Point Land Company on November 11, 1857. The first train came over this road on February 1, 1858, carrying sightseers and land speculators. There was not much to greet them as they alighted from the train, except for a few wooden shacks that had housed the road building gang.

There were quite a number of men who took an active interest in the civic and economic progress of Morehead City. Among the most prominent of these was William L. Arendell, who was a merchant, banker, churchman and town official. He had a strong interest in civic improvements and was very influential in bringing about their accomplishment. He was postmaster for years, mayor of the town for many terms and chairman of the Carteret County Board of Commissioners. He was a leader in the county, and his positive spirit and financial aid contributed strength to a good many enterprises.